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Express Show

May 8, 2005
I recently heard about these types and shows and actually have someone intersted in doing one. Has anyone done an express show? What do you do? Is it kinda like an open house or....?


Novice Member
Nov 23, 2005
I would do something like chocolate brownie recipe in a toaster oven ahead of time and make it in front of the guests!

Veggies and dip--use crinkle cutter, veg peeler, knife, corer, and make fancy veggies and several cut up ahead of time.

Something quick!


Advanced Member
Oct 7, 2005
try this thread

try this thread that is on express shows..
good stuff here. if it doesn't work, search for "express shows" at the top righthand corner of the main screen under the drop box "search".. a page of results will come up. go to the 2nd page of the results, and click on the thread that is 4th from the bottom.. it's titled "Express Shows" and is by DebPC. I have a couple flyers I use, but they're stored on my old computer and I have to re-backup some stuff, so i don't have them available to post.. If you would like them, I'll have them by tomorrow, and I can post them or email them to you. Just let me know. :D I know there are consultants that do just express shows, so it is successful for some! Good luck!
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