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Expanding the place...

Jan 19, 2018
Hi, I run a small pizza place in Etobicoke. Recently, I have been thinking of expanding the place. As I have enough customers now. When I started, there weren’t many people visiting. But, now it's not the same. I need to increase the shop area and also need to upgrade the appliances, to make the pizza faster. I was thinking of upgrading my oven to a commercial electric pizza oven. I have three models in my mind, which I think would be appropriate for my place. Moretti Forni M Series, Moretti Forni Amalfi, and Moretti Forni P120E are the three. Which one of these do you recommend..??? If there are any other suggestions relating to both appliance and also upgrading of the place, please let me know...


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Jan 19, 2006
Good luck, Richard. This probably isn't quite the group you need for these questions. There are probably a few restauranteurs on here, but most of us are home cooks selling tools guaranteed for use in home kitchens.