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Ever spot a PC product in a TV show


Dec 28, 2005
Yesterday I was watching a rerun of Moving Up on TLC, and one of the home owners was using the large PC Quick Stir Pitcher. I recognized it by the shape, white top and plunger.

Anyone else spot a PC product on a random show?


Feb 23, 2006
Heather Roberts said:
Alton Brown on the Food Network uses the measure all cup :)
I thought he did, but I wasn't entirely sure. The sad part is, that my fiance pointed that out. He is just obsessed with my PC stuff.

Gina M

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Jan 13, 2006
I once was watching Kathy Griffin (comedianne) on Bravo and she was visiting her family and they had the entertainment set which of course I had to tell my husband immediately! It's fun to try to spot them - but hey why not!:)



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Nov 17, 2005
Heather Roberts said:
Alton Brown on the Food Network uses the measure all cup :)
Too funny! I just mentioned this in another thread.

We just saw Alton using the Measure All Cup in an episode about honey.

I believe I also saw the ice cream scoop on one of his ice cream eps, but he apparently preferred a different style of ice cream excavator. :rolleyes:


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Jun 20, 2005
I've spotted PC on I WANT THAT! on TLC. The lady had just redone her kitchen and was talking about her cabinets and how much she loved the drawer under the sink cause she could keep her knife right there within reach and she didn't have to go digging for it. Out came TPC Paring knife and case.

I've seen additions in several different shows. Along with the Measure All Cup, Easy Read Measuring Cups, and both the new and old Quick Stir Pitchers.

I also love the show What NOT to Wear and one lady showed up in New York with her entire wardrode in the Taxi's trunk packed into the old red Pampered Chef shipping boxes.

Now, all we need to do is get a Food Network TV show to sponser our products. Can you imagine the upswing in business, if HO was able to cut a deal like that. Every single one of us would have no problem selling cookware. Because at most of my shows I have customers say, "But Emeril, Mario, Rachel, etc(just fill the blank with a Food Net Star's name) uses stainless steel and I REALLY want a set just like theirs. Makes me want to scream. "Our's is SO MUCH better!"


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Apr 10, 2005
Cheerleader Nation

Last night on Cheerleader Nation, one of the moms was using our large Bar Pan. I was really excited to see that. It was well seasoned!

I am a reality show junkie! Do they make a 12-step program for that?

Anyways, I saw the What Not to Wear episode with the TPC boxes. It was a hoot!

Have a great day!


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Jan 19, 2006
Clean Sweep

On one episode, they renovated (that's not quite the right term for what they do) an office/dining room of a consultant. They never said "Pampered Chef" but I recognized the boxes and supplies!