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Ever just had that feeling?


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May 18, 2005
Last Saturday I had a lady book a show, and she wanted it for today (that's the shortest lead time I've ever had for a cooking show). Not much time to host coach, but she called all her guests and I sent the invitations on Monday morning. I mailed her the ingredients as she doesn't have a computer, and I called her yesterday for the final count (10) and asked if she received the list of ingredients from me. She confirmed and said that she would get them this morning (I was going to arrive at her house at 10 am). Well, when I left the house this morning, I just had this bad feeling that she didn't get the ingredients, so I swung by the local Pick and Save and picked them up and put them in my cooler.

When I got to her house I asked her where the ingredients were, and she had that look on her face that confirmed my bad feeling. She completely forgot:eek: ! She was ready to call her neighbor to have her run to the store (and we really would have been behind - I was making the garlic bites, taco ring and turtle fudge skillet cake and was going to bake the cake before the show and have the bites baking when the guests arrive). I had a huge smile on my face, went out to the car and brought in my cooler. I have never seen a more thankful lady. The show went well - she ended up with 8 guests ordering, but they ordered a lot - over $600, and 3 bookings (not bad considering a week ago I had nothing on the calendar!) They all promised they'd have the ingredients, though ;) .

My reason for posting this, besides my announcement that I'm going to open my own psychic business (kidding), is I'm wondering if this has happened to anyone else, and if so, what did you do when you got to your host's home and there were no ingredients? I've been selling PC for over 5 years and have never had anyone forget everything (almost always there's something wrong or missing, but never this). If her neighbor would have run to the store we would have been over two hours behind!



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Mar 13, 2005
in almost 3 years I haven't had a host forget the ingredients, but they have gotten the wrong stuff before. Since September 2005, I have been buying the ingredients, so now I don't worry about them not being bought.


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Nov 5, 2005
No worry show

I also purchase all the needed items, pre -prep then at home and bring them in the pre bowls. I do 1 recipe for the month and charge a set fee of $10.00 to $15.00 depending on what I am making. I have been doing this for a year and the guest love it. I do often hear, where did you find that ingredient. It is less stress on the host and for you. Just think about how it made you feel when you had everything you needed. Great right. I have also been doing PC for over 5 years. BTW, in March I did all FREE shows, I made the puffs and did not charge as I had every thing here and they did not take a great deal of ingredients. My motto was if you book for March I will give you a FREE show.



Mar 10, 2005
I have started buying the groceries for my hosts as well. I've already been sendinig invites and helping them with the phone calls and my hosts have loved that. I decided to do the shopping for one of my hosts who is a friend of mine and she was so appreciative that I started offering to do the same for all of my hosts. I just tell them up front, "I'll buy the groceries for you and bring you a receipt." I look at it as one more thing I can do to make hosting a show easier for people.


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Jun 22, 2005
Once i arrived at the hosts house right on time... even though i forgot a drawer full of stuff and had to run home -which took me an extra 20 minutes...when I got there she was still cleaning and told me she hadn't gone to the grocery store yet! So she gave me the money and also asked me to get Coke, chips, etc... after getting everything down to the cinnamon and peanut butter(though she may already have had those)... the mney was a couple dollars short - which I had to make up the difference... Plus it was at a grocery store I wasn't familiar with since it wasn't near me...ARRGG... STRESSFUL!!! But I hussled and got it ready, and ended up with 2 or 3 bookings, which those lead to a string of bookings... so it was well worth the stress.

That was in my first 6 months... 5 years later... (knock on wood) it hasn't happened again.
HOSTESS COACH ... hostess coach...hostess coach... !!
I did have a host on our last phone call... say "Oh! I have to buy the ingredients??!"... well,... why do you think I sent the list to you?? I didn't say that, but... ahhh... oh well, we quickly changed the recipes to something with few groceries (Taco Ring and Cool/Creamy Choc. Fondue) and it was a hit! The guest loved, it and I found how much I loved doing the Fondue recipe.. perfect for hot summer shows!
Got two bookings too!

I may ask my future hosts if they would like to buy the ingredients, or if they want me to do it and they pay me back - give them the option. Because, like I said earlier, I bought peanut butter and cinnamon...something she had to pay for and may already have had it. Do you all give them the list and ask them if there is some of those ingredients that they already have, then you don't buy those?


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Jan 17, 2006
Call Call Call

If my show is a brunch, I call the day before and ask her if she got her ingredients that I have already mailed and emailed to her. That way she has both in case something goes wrong with her computer and for 24 cents I just send a postcard with all the ingredients. She takes that to the store with her and we are ready to go.

If my show is in the evening I call her that morning to confirm her ingredients.

I had one host forget a few things and another one left it behind at the grocery store. Both times one of the guests was her sister or good friend and they stopped at the store to get the ingredients and the bag.

I just did the demo for the dessert, and we played a game for an ice breaker. We talked about the products and it was fun.



Oct 3, 2005
Darcy said:
I also purchase all the needed items, pre -prep then at home and bring them in the pre bowls. I do 1 recipe for the month and charge a set fee of $10.00 to $15.00 depending on what I am making. Darcy

I've been doing this also. I have a set amount of $10 for the show food and tell my hosts to just plan on providing what ever kind of drinks they'd like. At least if they forget that, they'd at least have water!!;)


Jul 6, 2005
I also buy the ingredients , i cant tell you how maey times people would buy garlic in a jar ! So now i just buy it and ask for $10.00 for the food. I havent had any complaints and at least i know what i need will be there !
Sep 11, 2005
If you have a set price of $10.00 do you still show them the receipt? I think that buying the ingredients is a good idea. I might give it a try I think it is less work for the host and they would love it.


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Nov 17, 2005
I've started bringing ingredients, too. It's taken a LOAD of stress off of me. Not only do I not have to worry about having the ingredients, let alone the right ingredients, but I don't have to spend precious before-show time prepping stuff! I can spend that time setting up and talking with the host. :)

My tactic has been to tell my hosts that I will bring all of the ingredients AND "while I do ask for reimbursement, I will take $1 off the grocery cost for every guest who comes to the show." It's done great things for my show's attendance! I've had several hosts get their ingredients completely free. :)

Now that I think about it though, I think I'll put a cap on the cost and have it go down from there. I like the idea of telling the Host that her grocery cost will top out at $15 (the Host Credit) and can only go down!


Mar 27, 2005
That's what I do. I buy the groceries and tell my host it will be $15. (I make two recipes). Anything after that I cover. I haven't had one complaint yet. I just have to make a habit of asking for it before the show otherwise I forget!


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Jun 17, 2005
I have started purchasing the ingredients as well. As I also send the invitiations for my host so I have them send me a check for $15 for the ingredients with their guest list. I tell them up front that this is non refundable if they cancel their show. This has really cut back on my cancellations as well and allows me to prep at home