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Ever get mad at yourself after shows?


Dec 14, 2005
I had a show last night...its my 4th month...host was ready to cancel because she thought it wouldn't be worth my while...we're at $740 so far so its was great. HOWEVER, I get so upset with myself when I don't ask for bookings, forget parts of my spiel, etc. Why can't I be happy with this show and move on? Will I get better about this? It had been 3 weeks between Cooking Shows. :(


Mar 16, 2006
I'm sure everyone here has gotten angry with themselves after a show. There's still time to make up for it though. My recruiter is just getting started too and she shared with me that one of her shows was such a bust and she asked for bookings but no one took her up on it. She was so disappointed.
However, she made calls the next day to thank each person for coming and to ask again. She ended up with at least 2 bookings.

Maybe you could call your guests and say something like...."Hi Susan, this is Christa from the Pampered Chef. I had such a great time last night at Sherries show. Did you enjoy yourself too? Great! Well, I want to thank you for placing an order with me and I was wondering, would you consider having some friends over for an evening of fun and let me pamper you with The Pampered Chef?"

You might be pleasantly suprised at the response.

Meanwhile, it's ok to use index cards to help you remember the outline of your show. Guests certainly don't mind and they are usually very impressed at how you were able to keep it all organized and together.

Good luck!


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Jul 23, 2005
I used to get angry at myself for forgetting stuff but now i just take it all in stride. Sometimes if you dont cover yourself the guests will ask questions! If they dont and you still forget it wll be ok!! when you make your big mac calls ask them if they have any questions from last nights party. you never know it may lead to recruiting questions as well!! good luck


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Feb 17, 2006
There is definately time to make up for "forgetfulness" or as I call it "mommy brain"! We all have our shows where we forget something that could have been important. I used to always forget to ask about bookings, so for a while I offered free shipping if I didn't ask...doing that got me into the habit of asking and now when I have people lined up to place their orders the guests will over hear what I am asking but I still ask everyone individually. Plus big MAC calls are huge, you never know if you can add to an order, get a booking or a recruit! It's never too late to call!!!