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Engagement Party ideas


Jul 31, 2005
I've been asked to host a show next month during an engagement party, so I need some ideas. My hospitality director suggested I do a game where people answer "quiz" questions about the couple - where did they meet, etc. and then give a door prize to the person that answers the most correctly. Any suggestions on other quiz questions? Also, any other suggestions on how to manage the show? I told the host to make sure her guests know in advance that we will be having a Pampered Chef Kitchen Show. I'll do my thing and then leave them with the rest of the evening for their party.



May 19, 2005
Bridal show ideas

:D I've done a couples show, a few times, and here's some suggestions...if in fact you are having guys & girls there, here's what I did. I made 2 crowns, one for a guy & 1 for a girl.(off my computer, they looked like to crowns from Burger King for kids!) I had the crowd "vote" on a Pampered Chef "Queen" & "Grill King." We crowned them and donned them with their own aprons, and they had to help me do the demo!

Be sure to demonstrate to the King & Queen how to use the products before hand. My king had never used the chopper, and proceeded to pick the whole chopper up & down in the bowl of fruit we were supposed to be chopping! Needless to say, we had a few people rolling on the floor laughing! :p

Another game, I'm going to play at an upcoming show is the Hershey kiss game. You fill your apron pockets with Hershey kisses. You announce what game you're going to play (to get everyone's attention). You ask everyone to be on their "toes" to be able to play, and you ask quiz questions (in my case, ?s about our Host benefits). Whoever answers first and correctly, you throw them a Hershey kiss. After all the ?s, whoever has the most kisses, gets a door prize!

I hope this helps!
Julie :cool:

chefjulie in SC
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