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Pampered Chef: Employed Directors?

  1. Ann F

    Ann F Advanced Member Gold Member

    I'd like to know how many PC Directors also have full-time positions outside the home.
    Oct 17, 2005
  2. I am a director and I work at a law office 3 days a week and I stay home with my 22 month old daughter the other days. I just celebrated my one year anniversary with Pampered Chef!!!!!
    Oct 17, 2005
  3. chefmama

    chefmama Guest

    My director

    :) My director is employed full time as a special ed teacher, then she does PC at night and weekends. She is very successful at it.
    Oct 18, 2005
  4. AldeaY

    AldeaY Member

    Employed Director

    I am a Director in Newport News, VA and am employed full-time as well. I just went down from 50 hours to 45 hour work week, play billiards on Mons & Thurs nights and do PC-ing on the weekend nights and weekends. I average about 4-6 shows per month!
    Oct 18, 2005
  5. jenniferlynne

    jenniferlynne Senior Member

    My Director (I will answer for her since she doesn't visit this site) does not have another job other than PC. I'm not sure how long she has been a director, but she has been in PC for 20 years. The way I understood it, she use to babysit in her home and couldn't stand it, so she quit to sell Pampered Chef and has been doing it ever since. I believe her title is Senior Director.
    Oct 18, 2005
  6. AJPratt

    AJPratt Legend Member Silver Member

    I know my director is a full time teacher and works PC on the side. She does not work weekends. That's her family time and I love it!
    Oct 23, 2005
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