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Embarrassing moments...


Jul 12, 2005
We've all had moments in our shows that we look back on, and just have to laugh. I'd love to share some embarrassing stories, funny stories, and goofs/mistakes that have happened at our shows:

Here's just one (I have many :)) of mine: :rolleyes:
I made the Turtle Fudge Skillet cake for a dessert at my show. I had not made the cake before, so I didn't spray the pan with non-stick spray beforehand. I just made the cake right in the pan. No problem, right??

When it was done, I realized I didn't have a platter to put the cake on. The show was at a church kitchen, and they didn't have anything either. So I thought, "I'll just flip the cake on the stackable cooling rack"...haha...I think you know where this is going...

First of all, I'm talking all about the great non-stick coating on the skillet, and I flip it over to put it on the rack, and it doesn't come out. I try giving it a 'shake', and half the cake fell out of the pan, and the other half stuck! I took my scraper and took out the rest of the cake. I tried putting it semi-together on the rack.

Well, the rack isn't the best thing to put a cake on. It was falling apart! The Turtle Fudge cake is super moist, and was just falling to pieces!

Anyway, I kept moving forward, thinking I could make it work. Well, I still needed to put the chocolate-caramel glaze on the cake. As I am trying to spread it over the cake, the cake is sponging apart, and I'm using the glaze to put it back together...lol...it just was NOT working!

I laughed it off, gave up on making it "look like a cake", and took my EAD and piped cool whip on all the really messy parts, trying to make it look pretty. It was the perfect time to prove that ANYONE can do this job!

It was a pretty ugly cake, but tasted great. As I told the ladies, "It's all going to the same place anyway, right?"

So...for those of you who think you can't cook, or that you're afraid of making mistakes...we've all been there! Anyone else want to put their funny story up for reading???

P.S. This is NOT the most embarrassing thing, unfortunately :)...but I didn't want to start it off with COMPLETELY embarrassing myself!


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Mar 29, 2005
Thanks for sharing!

That's a great story Rebecca! I have made that cake numerous times and I couldn't imaging not being able to put that cake on a platter! :eek: I was reading your story laughing thinking oh my gosh! :eek: I swear my cheeks would have been so red! :)


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May 6, 2005
Oh wow! Thanks for sharing. We've all been there! And YES, it does show that you don't need to be perfect in the kitchen to do this job. :)