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Pampered Chef: Email database

  1. How do YOU keep a record of ALL of your customer's email addresses? And whats the easiest way to pull them all in to a BCC email to do a mass email to them all?
    What I'm doing is not easy, and it's making my red hair turn GREY!
  2. soonerchef

    soonerchef Veteran Member

    I think it really depends on who you use for your e-mail. I use yahoo for my TPC and use it for TPC only, I have another for personal communication. In yahoo I just pull up my BCC and select all and off I go. My director uses an online mass e-mail system (don't know who though) and pays a fee per set of e-mails. She really likes it, but she has been with TPC for almost 11 years so she has aquired a lot more e-mails than I have.
    Mar 7, 2006
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