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Eeeps, Ideas?


Feb 23, 2006
I am having one heck of a time in my first month. My family isn't very supportive of my Pampered Chef business so they have been a no-go with helping me at all. My fiance is supportive and we have been trying to brainstorm together ideas on how to get some bookings. So far I have none. I have been leaving catalogs everywhere, I have the catalog tote that is now my purse, I have sent information to places around me, and I am going to go and drop off some of the older catalogs that I got around the homes near me.
I had planned on having an open-house, but my apartment complex will not allow this. This is a new area to me, I don't know anyone, I don't have any family in the area, my daughter isn't old enough to be in any activities, and my fiance is disabled, so he doesn't work.
I feel like I am going crazy. I cannot for the life of me figure out what to do. Has anyone else ever encountered this? And how did you manage to overcome this.
I feel like I am putting a lot into this, I'm so excited about it, but I am just at a loss for what to do.


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Sep 23, 2005
Try this

Here is a list that helped me think outside the box. Give it a try


  • 82 ways to get bookings.doc
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Jan 20, 2006
I had a similar situation when I started because my family does not live anywhere near us. So I understand your plight.I like to call this "sampling". :D What I did was make a batch of brownies using the recipe on the small bar stoneware pan. I then put several on paper plates and took them to local businesses. I went in, introduced myself," Hi, I'm so and so. I'm the new Pampered Chef lady in town and I thought you could use a pick me up. I brought you some brownines." By this time, they are smelling the brownies, they hear Pampered Chef and are saying," Oh I love Pampered Chef"! I tell them,"These brownies were made in the small bar stoneware pan" then they take over and say how they love the stoneware, etc! I hand them a flyer of the current month host special, "Here's what's on sale at 60% off this month." I leave that with them. If they ask, I leave them a catalog, but usually a small catalog, not the big one!
Then I follow up a week later. If I don't get an order or a show, I still smile and say that if you need anything here's my card. But I still check in with them on a monthly basis, usually because I go there for business anyway! Like the cleaners, utilites, insurance, bank, grocery, florist, massage, hair salon, etc. Even places that I usually don't frequent, I still pop in every once in a while and they really appreciate the gesture. "Gee nobody ever brought me snacks before!" :) And remember: what you do today, you will see in 60 days!! So you may not get immediate results, but they will remember you and at some point you will get bookings! It has worked wonders for me! I'm busy every month and when I'm not, I get back to "sampling".