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Ebiz Tools and New Consultant

Sep 26, 2019
Hey There!

I have a new consultant who refused the website and ebiz tools. I know that there is a way to still submit an order without it but I can't remember the process. Can someone help me with this so that I can get her started? Does she just log in with her email address and password?



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Jan 19, 2006
Am I wrong in thinking that this just means she doesn't have a website? If that's the case, she can still collect orders and input orders through Consultant's Corner.

Perhaps it also means that there will not be a link generated for her parties that she can have her Hosts share in emails, texts, or on social media.

You've probably long since had these questions answered. If so, please let us know what you've found. If not, contact Home Office. . . and then tell us what they say. :)
Oct 27, 2020
I have a consultant who initially had the website but can't afford it anymore. She still wants to sell and has two parties scheduled but how does she do this without a website and because everything is Direct Ship Now?