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Easy Dip


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Jan 4, 2005
This was shared with me by a friend who attended a PC Show in Maryland. The consultant made it and it was a huge hit. I can see it as a quick demo recipe or a 2nd recipe.....sounds yummy!

Cup a Cup a Can Can

1 cup cheese, any kind
1 cup mayo
1 can of something that would be good in the dip
1 more can of something that would be good with the above.

Shread cheese, measure mayo and mix in batter bowl. Open cans using PC can opener of course. Drain if needed and mix using scraper. Pour into mini-baker or pie plate and nuke for about 6 minutes. Serve with scoops.

They used cheddar cheese, rotel tomatoes with green chilis and a can of shredded chicken. Use your imagination she says! Someone used chili as well. I can see the guests getting all into this with ideas.