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Dreaded E-mail from home office


Feb 24, 2007
Everyone, I know you hear this all the time (me included) but go back and double and triple check that you haven't listed your Pampered Chef website address anywhere on the web. Apparently back when I first signed up on Chef Success, I listed my website in the box labeled "website:" This was before I knew that Pampered Chef doesn't want us to list our website anywhere on the internet (heaven forbid we actually get people going to see the darn thing).

Anyways, after I realized last year that the Pampered Chef police were going to search out and send e-mails listing my violation to me (and by the way, they cc the e-mail to my director, that is something I didn't know. How embarrasing!!!) I thought I had removed everyone one of them. But alas, I had forgotten that I had it listed here on Chef Success (sorry all you Pampered Chef Consultants and Directors that are just dying to order stuff off my website, it's a dream that will never be realized).

So, the moral of the thread is that unless you want to be embarrased in front of your director, go back and make double positive sure that you've deleted all references on the internet that you've have anything remotely connected to a Pampered Chef website.

Crystal Patton

Advanced Member
Sep 29, 2008
I'm so sorry you missed one, but thank you for posting so that we can learn from your lapse.

By the way, I'll be going to counseling now because my dream of ordering the chopper on your web site will never be realized. sniff, cry.

Oh wait - I already own the chopper.


Veteran Member
Nov 13, 2007
Just makes you want to do a search to see what comes up, doesn't it? So sorry you had to find out the hard way...


Jun 15, 2009
I think PC cc your director on most emails that they send to you. That way they are in the loop to what is going on also. I remember someone posting on here that they were cc'ed because they had a consultant who owed PC money, I forget if it was for a show that payment bounced or that they never submitted.