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Double Burner Griddle Like Stoneware

Feb 14, 2006
Ok, I know I posted this in another thread, but I thought I would start one in the proper category.

I got the new double burner griddle as my host incentive for Feb (I am new and this was my show right before I signed) and I LOVE it.

It reminds me of something someone said about the stoneware -- it truly is an all day piece! We use it all day long and it actually never leaves our stove top unless we are washing it. When its clean, it goes right back to its spot on the stove. At first my husband couldn't believe I spent $46 on it even with the discount, but now he says its the best PC thing we have.

Just an example, we've made perfect pancakes, french toast, bacon (becareful because it cooks a lot quicker on this), killer omelets (last night for dinner LOL), grilled cheese, the Philly Steak Wraps (casual cooking CB), burgers, chicken, the Tuna Patty Melts (casual cooking CB), ham steaks, etc, etc...I could go on and on.

The ONLY thing that concerns me about it is this funny brownish stain on the bottom of it. I don't know how it got there and I can't seem to get it off. We have gas stoves so I don't know if that's it or what. Its nothing major, but it does concern me in case someone asks me about it at a show.

Any ideas how to get it off?? I don't want to use anything super abraisive since I don't want to take a chance it hurting it. Thanks in advance for any advice!

Jan 23, 2006
don't quote me on this...

I don't have any PC cookware yet (I'm in SS1 with the 12" skillet as bonus for qualifying, so I'll have a piece soon!) but I do have another (shall remain nameless) high-end set of cookware with similar features. And I have those brown marks, too! It is from the gas stove - little impurities in the gas leave residue. I've tried to get the marks off, with little luck. My suggestion is to scrub gently with baking soda. It's about the least abrasive thing you can use.

If someone asks, I'd just tell them that #1 it's the gas company's fault :D and #2 it's only on the BOTTOM - the top is still pretty. I just hope no one looks too closely at my food chopper - I've had one for 3 years and it has a bit of yellowing from chopping lots of onions. I'm saving the one I got in my kit to use as an awesome door prize when I have my open house show next month, so I just make sure to use the chopper at every show and then drop it in the "dirty bin" so no one goes after it! :cool:

Hope this helps!
Feb 14, 2006

That explains a lot! I just hope no one asks me about it! I tend to back myself in a corner when answering questions like that. Don't know how I do it, but oh well. I'm just hoping I qualify in time to get my skillet! I really, really want the 12" skillet since I already know I will love it from having the double burner griddle! I only have until the end of this month and I'm working hard to book one more show!

Good idea about the food chopper!! I have a brand new one from my kit and the one I already had is still basically brand new...I think I might use that idea for my open house too! I was thinking of getting a basket and putting a bunch of stuff in it to make it extra nice. (Seasons Best, paring knife, citrus peeler, maybe one of the spices too) I love to have nice host and raffle gifts. Makes everyone more inclined to do a party for me because they know I give good stuff!

One thing I did in Feb is get as many cutting boards as I could (add onto guest orders) for future host gifts. I ended up only spending an extra $4.00 and got two! For some reason or another, one of my guests didn't want to spend the extra to get it. Oh well, their loss is my gain!

~Kristen ;)