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Director Don't you LOVE...


Veteran Member
Apr 10, 2007
when you open CC and there is a new consultant signed that you didn't know was coming :love0010::money::money::love0010:

#6 for me this month and 11 total for my personal team, another 2 in my 1st gen!!! That make 10 for me this year so far!!! And by a strange coincidence, I have 89 personal career recruits and $198,000 in personal career sales. so next month I will hit 90 recruits and 200,000 in sales.


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Mar 27, 2005
WOW!!! You are rocking and rolling still!! Congratulations, Jenni. My 2 new recruits this month are making me happy. And I now will have a place that I can do meetings where I will be comfortable, have a kitchen at no cost! So I am thinking I will be able to hold new consultant training and all sorts of stuff!