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Don't want to blow it



As I said in other postings, I am in SS1. I did sell PC before and now an trying to restart my business. I talked to the host of my show scheduled for tomarrow night and she has 13-15 people coming! WooHoo! I've never had that big of an attendance for a show, typically it is around 8. I really want to make it a good show, my goal is $1000. I think I've done ok on host coaching but I am worried about messing up the presentation and not getting as good of sales as I can. I am doing wraps so I'll showcase a lot of high end products like the Ultimate Slice & Grate, Chopper, chillzanne server, etc. So that should help, but what other show strategies should I focus on? I also am going to try one of the bingo games posted on this site that forces me to talk about specific items. I want to make it fun so that people will want to book as well. What is left for me to do to make this one great show?


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Oct 5, 2004
First...breathe in, breathe out!! Be relaxed!! You're going to do great!

Make sure you ask your guests who has been to a show before, so you have an idea of who is in your audience. If you have a "seasoned" group, engage them in conversation at the beginning to talk about their favorite products, so it takes some of the pressure of you from the get go. If more people are new to PC, ask them to discuss their style in the kitchen (I usually give them a scale of one to ten: 1 is all local fast food restaurants on speed dial, 10 is a Rachel Ray wannabe). Again, this is to help you determine their needs so you can "tailor" the presentation to them.

Just be yourself and keep things light...an easy game to do would be the left right game. Do you have it? If not, let me know and I'll post it here.

Let us know how it goes!!


Jun 18, 2005
Two people came to my first show, and they both knew infinitely more about Pampered Chef than I do. I ended up just letting them go on about the different products, as I made the recipe, and I ended up with $160 and a booking.
Feb 22, 2005
Don't forget to mention the "Spend $50.00 get freebie" bonus!!! I am so excited that this is back this month. I saw a hugh increase in my show totals when it was in place before and saw a definate decline in sales these last few months when it was not. People want to get something for FREE!!! They will spend the $50.

Good Luck!!


Jan 31, 2005
Mention the guest special!!

Yes, the "Spend $50 get a free Chillzanne mini bowl" deal is great and should really help your upcoming show. Tell them to take advantage of the offer! People love hearing the word "free" ;) . I too, have seen an increase in my show totals so far. Don't you wish they would do this all the time?!? Also, mention the booking benefits and host rewards so you can spark some interest in those potential hosts! Good Luck and have fun with your show!!


Jun 6, 2005
Good Luck and have fun. It sounds like they have you covered. I don't do any games, but I'm not a game person. I never was when I went to shows, I usually don't play them. It makes me feel uncomfortable. Find out about the crowd and tailor it to them. Make them feel comfortable. I also talk about replacement parts and customer service and welcome them to my circle of friends. To make them feel comfortable with me I introduce my family from my Booking binder and go though that during the introduction. Have fun, make everyone feel comfortable and they will come back for more.

Good luck again!!! :D

janel kelly

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Feb 19, 2005
Ditto on the guest specials for the next two months. I wish they had those kind every month.

You mentioned about wanting this to be a $1,000 show. This flyer is a little late but it put things into perspective for planning a $1,000 show.


  • $1000 PC Show Flyer.doc
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