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Don't know what to do!


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Jun 27, 2005
Okay, I finally got off my tail and talked to someone about the business. She is interested, but I am more hesitatant in signing her than I first thought. Here is my long story and maybe you all can give me some help.
When I started this business I didn't have but 10 people on my list of 100. I decided to ask my family to give me starter shows so that I could qualify(they live 130 miles one way). When I did my first shows there they were really good shows (they hadn't seen PC in a long time). Now I am doing good to make my gas money back in commission. I have a history with 90% of these out of town clients and they feel like I am their "personal consultant" which I really like. I recently did a show for a friend of my sister. Her attendance or sales weren't that high and I left her show open for about a week and she did not pursue any outside orders like she said she would. I checked in with her today to make sure her products arrived okay, etc. And she mentioned the business. I had made a comment at one of my previous shows that if anyone in that area who would want to sign under me I would give them my "out of town" contacts..thinking it would be someone with whom I had a history with. This girl is known for being flaky and I don't want my clients in that area to be furious with me if she turns out to be a disaster.


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Jul 29, 2005
Did she reference you giving her your out of town contacts? If not, maybe give her a few leads of guests from her show and then coach, coach, coach her on how to find leads. Obviously, if the majority of your client base are out of town customers, you never intended on handing over all of them to a recruit.

Talk with the contacts you will be forwarding to her and let them know that you are helping her start her business. You do not need to imply that she will not be a good or reliable consultant, just tell them you wanted them to know why someone other than you was contacting them. Build them up by telling them they have been a great customer for you and that you know they will be a good customer of your leads.


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Jan 22, 2005
Whoa....I'd really think twice about giving away any contacts that don't personally know the new consultant. If I were one of your contacts that liked you and had a history with you, I'd be really ticked off (and hurt) if I found out you were passing me off to someone else. Maybe calling some of them and asking for referrals for her to follow up with would be better. In my experience, with PC and outside of PC, when you just hand someone something they don't care for it as well as they would if they had worked for it.