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Don't have PC sign for craft sale?


Jun 5, 2005
I don't have a PC sign or table cloth for a craft sale I am doing next weekend and no one to borrow one from. Do any of you have any suggestions what I could do? I was thinking of taping the PC bags to the front of the table and I have made a poster with some pictures that I have taken out of the catalogue. Do you think that would be proffessional enough???


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Jul 23, 2005
i just did a craft fair this weekend and didnt have a tablecloth or anything either. my husband went on our computer and made some banners and we taped them across the front of our table. most people never even looked at it. they saw the products on the table and knew who it was. those who didnt would ask. so my suggestion would be to make a banner or maybe some flyers to post on or around your table...HTH


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Jun 29, 2005
I had a booth a couple of weeks ago. I ordered a PC tablecloth from Town & Country Printing, but they said they never got my order. I just wore my apron and everyone saw Pampered Chef on it and knew what the booth was. I did have a small computer made sign on the front of my table, but my booth was always so packed, no one could even see the sign.


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Jun 20, 2005
I have a bazaar to do in Nov. and I'm wearing my apron and the table will be decorated with a fall theme so the table cloth is going to be one of my own making. So, that it goes with the theme. I believe that the apron on you will be advertisement enough. Good Luck!


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May 18, 2005

You could go to Nancy's Artworks (www.nancys-artworks.com) and order some PC balloons. Go to the dollar store, fill the balloons with helium, and tie to some of our tools to hold them down. Customers will be able to see them from quite a distance if you use a lot of string/ribbon!

Good luck,