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Dollar Days

Nov 8, 2005
I saw an idea here that I really liked - the Dollar Days promotion. I have decided to give this a try. I am committed to starting off 2006 with a strong start, which means a full calendar! Of course, I would also like to earn free registration at National Conference as well!

The beauty of this promotion is that it encourages hosts to book the first available date in the month, condensing the show schedule and leaving dates at the end of the month open so that guests in attendance the first 2 weeks can still schedule at the end of the month to take advantage of the 1.5 free product value.

With the $400 show minimum to take advantage of the promotion, that's at least an $80 commission on the show if they are getting the free stone. With the consultant discount, the stone would cost me no more than $19.40 (25.50 minus 20% discount, minus $1 from host). This comes out to less than 5% of the commission on the show, which isn't bad at all, especially if they end up having a better show than the minimum $400, or if the show was held on, say the 10th day of the month (then a $10.40 cost to me).

I have also used my website to encourage catalog hosts to collect orders from friends and family as they visit with them at holiday gatherings, and then to submit their $400 or greater catalog show to me on New Year's Day so they can order a Lg. Round Stone for $1.

I am trying this for January, and if it works well then I will continue to use it every 2-3 months, or whenever I feel that my business needs a boost. I am curious to find out if anyone else has offered this to their customers, and if you found it to be successful or not. Any feedback and/or suggestions would be very much appreciated. Thanks!


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Jun 27, 2005
I myself have not tried this, but I only have one suggestion. Make sure you put 2006 on your flyer. Some people will get it and think that it is already expired.


Aug 24, 2005
What a great idea! I love that you're calling it Dollar Days. I knew another consultant that did this and I can't remember what she called it but I can easily remember Dollar Days---and I bet your potential hosts will, too! Good luck with it, and please report back with how it does for you.