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Pampered Chef: Does Pampered Chef have a recipt you can

  1. put in your printer for Web Orders? I guess it would print out from the Pampered Partner Software? I ordered some reciepts but they ended up being the ones you hand write the items in on. So I guess it wasn't the correct ones.
  2. powelljj

    powelljj Guest

    It sounds like you need Outside Order receipts. According to the Paperwork/Supply Order Form, it is item DS22 - Pampered Partner Sales Receipts. I would ask your director if she can get you some until you can order the correct ones. They are only $2.50 for 100. :)
    Oct 8, 2005
  3. Laurenncraigory

    Laurenncraigory Member

    I believe it is item # DS23 on your supply order...it says pampered partner reciepts and they have all of the warranty infor on the back to make it an "official" reciept. On the front it has the pampered chef logo, sales reciept, and a few little things on the bottom. If you want me to I can scan it and post it so you can see it. They come in packs of 100 I believe and they are absolutely wonderful!!!

    Hope this helps!
  4. Sounds like what I want, thanks to you both!
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