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Does anyone remember...



Remember how there were many of us (including me!) who didn't know to put future bookings in PP before submitting a show? Before they did the PP update so now it's impossible to forget? We got an email stating that if we had forgotten to put any bookings in before such and such a date, it would be okay, we would still be able to honor the booking benefit for those future hosts, but not after such and such a date? (I hope that made sense.) Anyway, I'm wondering if anyone remembers what that date was. I just looked through all the old Weekly Bites and I can't find it there. Was it May 15th or something? I have someone who went to a show ON May 15th, didn't want to book a show then, but now she is having one on Saturday because she wants those bowls. I'm trying to figure out if I can offer the past host the bowls at the 60% discount or not.


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Jul 19, 2005
I believe they said that after May 12 they would not honor the host from that date on if you forgot to put it on the show when you sent it in. The host from April till that date is still good for the six months all you have to do is put the past host discount number on the pp when you do the show for the six month status.


Do you remember what that date was, Ginger? I know it was right around that time.
Mar 12, 2005
Here is the email regarding this question. I received the it on 5/4/2005.

Dear Kitchen Consultant,

We are thrilled with how warmly our new host program has been received. It's made Kitchen Shows more rewarding for your hosts, which is sure to benefit your business. As with any new program, we understand that there may be elements that take some getting used to. We have listened to your feedback, both positive and constructive, and would like to address a concern some of you have.

Some Consultants have said that it's difficult to remember to enter all bookings when submitting a Show order. This has resulted in past hosts not being able to take advantage of the Booking Benefit at Shows booked from theirs. To alleviate this issue, PamperedPartner® has been updated to include a pop-up window that asks: "Have you entered all the bookings from this Show?" Be sure to download this update 12.4, when you are in PamperedPartner®. Click on the Update Menu and then choose Download Program Update.

If you have submitted a March, April or May 1-13 Show and forgot to include future bookings, Order Processing will ensure that the original host receives the Booking Benefit at the future Show, provided the past host discount number from the March, April or May 1-13 Show is included when you submit the future Show. For Shows submitted after May 13, the original policy, which states that bookings cannot be added to Shows that have already been submitted, will be enforced. So be sure to download the update today!

If you have incurred out-of-pocket expenses because you personally honored a March, April or May 1-13 host's Booking Benefit, you may make a request for reimbursement. Your request must be submitted in writing along with a proof of purchase and original sales receipt (no copies) for a personal or kit enhancement order. Be sure to include your Consultant number, current host name and Show number, past host name and Show number, and the item number of the Host Special purchase that you would like to be considered for reimbursement. Your request must be received by Customer Service no later than May 20, 2005. Please send your request to:
Customer Service
Attention: Reimbursements
350 S. Rohlwing Rd.
Addison, IL 60101-3079

Once your request is received and approved, we will reimburse you, through a commission adjustment, the difference between the Monthly Host Special price and what you paid.

To help you have a strong business, we encourage you to use the Booking Benefit to only reward hosts who truly help you secure new bookings at their Shows. This way you can be assured they'll partner with you to make sure those bookings hold.

For more information on the new host program, login to Consultant's Corner and select Downloads > Host Program Training Booklet and Additional Questions and Answers or review the host coaching chapter of Recipe for Success. Thank you for your continued dedication. Keep up the great work with the new host program!


Jean Jonas
Senior Vice President, Sales

PamperedPartner and The Pampered Chef are registered trademarks.


Thank you, Leslie!

I really appreciate you finding this email and posting it! It was exactly the reference I was looking for.