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Does anyone know of a good game to play at an express show???

Jan 31, 2006

Could someone please explain the left right game? I have an express show this week and the hosts would like a game...

thanks. :)


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Jun 24, 2005
Left Right Game

:cool: Here's the game :)

When Donna booked a show I knew right away
that working with her would make my day.

She made up her list of who to invite
and went over it twice to make sure it was right.

As replies came in she checked them right off
until no one was left on the list that she wrote.

She chose the right menu for her friends to eat
and left it to me to make a treat.

She had done all the right things and waited to see
what she would get from her wish list for free!

As I packed up my tools for the show that night,
I hoped everything would go just right.

I looked through my kitchen with the thought in mind
that often I’ve left some tools behind.

With everything packed I left right away,
thinking about the show and the right things to say.

I arrived right on time and set up my things
and spoke of the joy The Pampered Chef brings.

You learn the Stoneware pizza crust cooks just right
and a whole lot more you didn’t know until tonight.

The right tool for the job is what you have found,
you can’t wait to bake cookies that are evenly browned.

The chopper, the stone, what’s the right thing to choose,
buy them all - you have nothing to lose.

The show felt right, the food was a hit,
there was nothing left, not even a bit.

There’s much left to show and lots to say
so why not book a show of your own right away.

And if you’re looking for just the right position,
The Pampered Chef should be your decision.

That’s all I have to say for tonight
Except for our winner is left on the right.

I had about 12 ladies there, I wish I would have had 2 baggies of goodies for them to pass around. I basically again made a pretty bag and put in it a spice sample and Cake Tester and they didn't know what they could win.

They had so much fun, I'm going to add this to my shows, it was a nice things to do at the end of the night.




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Feb 15, 2006
kjxon said:
I have an express show to do Thurs. & i was think about playing the left right game.

This is an awesome game:) I play it every so often if I'm doing a show with gals that have been to several shows. It really gets people laughing, especially at the end:)
Feb 26, 2006
so in the left right game do they pass the bag to the direction that i say or count how many times i say a word. not quite sure on how this works but sounds great


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Jun 24, 2005
Left Right Game

They would pass the bag to the Left when you say left and to the right when you say right.

Kinda funny, I ask them before I start if everyone could raise their right hands, now their lefts, so there's no confusion later, lol.

Like they are in Miss Judy's dance class (my dds dance teacher)