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Do you vary your presentation?


Advanced Member
Jan 27, 2005
I have my first bridal show coming up next month. :D

I was just wondering for those of you who have already done a bridal show, do you vary your presentation at all? Or is it your same basic cooking show?
Do you still talk about recruiting? I guess I am just worried that it will be a bit crass if I do my recruiting commercial at what's supposed to be a shower, KWIM?


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Jun 29, 2005

I've only done one, but I did change it to focus more on the bride. I only made one thing (a double ring) and then brought the bride cake with me. I played a game where I had a basket of small PC items in it. I had the bride walk around with it and give everyone about 5 seconds to look in it. Then I had her leave the room. Of course everyone thought they were going to get quizzed on what was in the basket, but I fooled them. I asked them things like "What color was the bride's shirt, Were her fingernails polished, Was she wearing earrings....etc." They all thought it was great and started laughing. It was a good ice breaker.


That's a cute idea. I was also wondering what kinds of games we could play at the shower to liven things up. Anyone else have any suggestions? Also, I will be making a bridal board for my showers, where all the guests can see what is on the wish list. If anyone out there knows what I'm talking about and has pictures of theirs, could you post them? I'm looking for a good way to set mine up. :D


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Jan 21, 2005
I play the same game that Jennifer does. They love it. Of course, once you've played it with a group you can't do it with them again. ;)

I make it all about the bride (or couple). I start by having everyone introduct themselves, how they know the couple, what PC product she should not be without and ask them to give a piece of kitchen advice to them. Then I explain how things work. I had coached the host and bride to instruct the guests that they were not to bring gifts and only great aunt Mary does. So I tell them that they have created a wish list and I provide it for them (I use laminated product cards). I also urge them to purchase for themselves or gifts for others and explain how the host program will benefit the bride and make their gift more valuable. I tell them to mark the products they are giving the bride with a star or her initial.

I do a quick demo showing some of her choices and some she didn't put down (especially if she ignored a whole product line) and talk through other product lines. We do the game, door prizes and then I help them with their orders while they eat and visit.


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Mar 21, 2006
I am doing a Bridal Shower this weekend and need new ideas as to how best to
display what the bride wants as well as take orders so as not to have
duplicate items ordered! In the past I have used a trifold board with
pictures of the products, but this is too time consuming to keep up with as
well as a little tacky looking...especially since our Wedding Registry is so
nicely presented! Any help is appreciated! Meg in Virginia


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Feb 15, 2006
product board

I cut out pictures of each product, and glued them onto a colored cut-out heart. I then just use tacks to pin up the wish list onto a display board. I have the board sitting up front & instruct everyone to remove the item(s) they are purchasing, so that everyone else knows if that product is already taken.
I also do the same as Beth as far as reminding them they can order for themselves also, & put a star beside the items for the bride.
My demo is usually 2 faster recipes, and if they want to play any games we'll do that first to break the ice! Of course ,talk about bookings, any that the bride gets, she can get that booking benefit:)