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Display idea for new cups and squares

Jan 11, 2006
Here is an idea we may want to do to show off these "too cute" cups and squares:

Right before you close your demo., explain to your guests that you have a small suprise. From the kitchen comes you holding the the two cute pink ploka-dot cups and matching squares. One can be filled with ice cream and the other with a small bouquet of flowers, or you can place the small whip with a ribbon wrapped around it inside a cup. Place a small card on the saucer plate next to the cup. Explain to your guests that these bowls/suacers are to raise awareness for breast cancer and that they would make the perfect gift for someone they may know who has or who has beaten breast cancer. They could give them to their friends/family during the month of May.

This may raise your sales and assist with show bookings since hosts receive the cups and squares at 60% off in May.

Hope this helps,


Aug 20, 2005
Great idea!

That is such a great idea! I just received mine yesterday and was trying to figure out a way to incorporate them to generate May bookings and I think I'll try this! Thanks.:)