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Pampered Chef: Disney World

  1. julia.poe

    julia.poe Member

    We will be flying to Disney in a couple of weeks for my DDs first trip to see the big mouse. We are very excited as you may guess.

    Does anyone know if Sea World has any discount coupons? I see their website offers adults get in the price for kids but that is still $60ish per person. Is it really worth paying the price?

    Second question, we will be spending father's day in Orlando. Any suggestions on what we could for the big day?

    Jun 4, 2009
  2. esavvymom

    esavvymom Legend Member Staff Member

    I think if you buy the tickets online for Seaworld, doesn't one day ticket get you a second admission into the park? We were there in December, and we went two days- but only paid for one day. I don't know if it was a special, or if that's all the time. You're going in the high-season, so I'm not sure.

    As far as worth it, that's debatable. We were there in low-season, but the bulk of what you do at Seaworld is watch the shows. (Clyde and Seamore is the best, IMHO!) If your kids don't like to sit and do very little, keep that in mind. Plus, the show theaters are spread out so you can't quickly jump from one to the other- check the schedules.

    There is a small kiddie-land of a few rides. My boys had a blast, but there were absolutely NO lines...we were the only ones there...so of course it was fun> :D

    If I had my choice between paying for Seaworld, or spending the extra day at a Disney park...I'd go with Disney. With 4 parks, there is SO MUCH.

    Also- if you have time- check out www.tourguidemike.com . It has TONS of information about Disney and how to make the trip go so smooth. It costs I think about $18-20 to join.....but if you've got some time to go through some of his basic articles and sample itineraries...it's so worth it! We were able to hit Magic Kingdom and followed his Sample Itinerary for Children and hit all the hot items when it opened. For example, we went ot Dumbo FIRST (absolute MUST if you want to ride Dumbo..otherwise, you wait forever!). We got in within 5 minutes (I think we had to wait for one cycle of the ride). We then went on Peter Pan and by the time we came out from Peter Pan...Dumbo's line was HUGE!! Park openings are a MUST. This site was SO WORTH it!! Our trip went smooth, we had a plan. Even if you just print off his sample itineraries for each of the 4 parks...that will be worth it. And TRUST IT! Since you are going during high-season....you really want every tip you can get to get the most for your money.

    Ok..off my soap-box. Disney was our big trip last December and I spent some time on it. :D Can you tell?
    Jun 4, 2009
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