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Nov 4, 2009
HI everyone

I had to take some time off from really working my business but I am getting back in the swing and I wanted to share a chart I created for our organization to use for recognizing Disney points at our team meetings. My upline shared it on FB and I wanted to share with all of you, since there is where a lot of my inspiration and support has always come from since day 1


Here are the specifics of how I put it together

The characters I printed out in label format and then cut them with my paper cutter to individuals and had 6 bags for each classification so they could choose what type of character. (Faries, Princesses, Classic, Villains etc)
I also modified the one banner to place under my castle (which was found at joAnn's in the scrapbook section (they were 40% off this past weekend) The Mickey quotes and Giant Mickey pic were from one piece of scrap booking paper I cut out.
I choose the picture if Walt and Mickey statue because it shows a young Walt and Disneyland was his first when he was still in his younger days, and it shows a suitcase which we all need to travel

The bottom left show an apron, cooking stuff, because without the shows we can't get started
The attachment "all dream come true" I printed on clear sticker paper as well as the mickeys which I created a text box over top and put the $ amounts

The only thing I would have done differently is I would have bought to packs of letters at for the title. I would like it to read 2014 Magic Tracker ends with YOU at Disneyland 2015

I then had it laminated at Office Max with our discount it was $12 I used a mount board I purchased they would have charged me $22 to mount it (crazy) the board was $3 (foam board in poster board section) Use good glue to tack it together and the lamination time was 2 hours they were busy


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