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Pampered Chef: Discounts for Consultants?

  1. TriciaAnn

    TriciaAnn Member

    What kind of discounts or breaks does a consultant get on the products? When items are on sale for the host or even the guest do consultants get to take advantage of those items as well? If consultants get to take a certain % off do that get to add that to the items already on sale for the host or guest? Example: Stoneware 20% off or Cookbooks $9.95 etc.

    This is the best website for information. Everyone has been so nice and encouraging. THANKS A MILLION !!!!!. :)
    Oct 4, 2005
  2. BethCooks4U

    BethCooks4U Legend Member Gold Member

    Consultants can purchase guest specials at the guest price and restrictions. For instance, in September the stoneware was 20% off. A counsultant could have purchased as many stones as they wanted as a personal order. She would have entered the code for the 20% off price and then their 20% discount would be subtracted (so the stone would have been about 40% off!). With the buy $50 in product and get ______ free specials a consultant would have to spend $50. After the discount - so she'd order about $63 in product, get her 20% off ($12.60) = product purchase $50.40 and then she can get the free item.
    Last edited: Oct 5, 2005
    Oct 4, 2005
  3. TriciaAnn

    TriciaAnn Member

    Thanks !!!!

    Thanks Beth for that simple answer. I appreciate your comments. :)
    Oct 5, 2005
  4. chefjulie_sc

    chefjulie_sc Member

    Don't forget about Kit enhancements!

    We get a kit enhancement opportunity every April, where a consultant can buy products at 40% discount. (for new consultants this is their 4rth month of business). You can only buy 1 quantity if items (no multiples) & the order cannot exceed $500.00. (don't know why).

    Every new selling season consultants can earn or purchase New products @ a discountd price as well.
    Oct 7, 2005
  5. its_me_susan

    its_me_susan Senior Member

    What products do we earn by selling alot in December? When do they give us hints about what will be new in the March catalogs? :)
    Oct 8, 2005
  6. pamperedbecky

    pamperedbecky Legacy Member

    You mean some type of incentive for sales in December? I haven't heard of one yet for December. As for when they gives us hints about new products...they actually don't give any hints. It's all announced at the Leadership Conference in January (right? for those of you who've gone?), then usually that first cluster meeting afterwards is when everyone else finds out about the new products. :)
  7. wish I knew

    I had no idea i could have ordered stones that way. I am so bummed. Wish I had a better director.
    Oct 9, 2005
  8. BethCooks4U

    BethCooks4U Legend Member Gold Member

    We will have the opportunity to earn the new Spring line probably in December. They will announce it probably with the November KCN. We won't know the new products until Leadership Summit. They keep it all a secret until then so they can announce at the conference just like they do in July at Nat. Conf. with the Fall line.
    Oct 9, 2005
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