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Director Academy


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Jan 21, 2005
Is anyone planning on going to the April 7-8 Director Academy in Baltimore? This is for new directors in the area who have promoted since January 2005.

If so, are you planning to go the night before? My DH says that it would take forever to get through DC if I left early that morning (I'm 5 1/2 hours away per mapquest).

Anyway, I was thinking if anyone wanted to get there the night before we could get a room at the same hotel that PC is reserving for about $120 so it would only be $60ish each. I'll be driving from the Chapel Hill NC area if you'd also like to carpool. Airfair would be around $170 so driving and the hotel sound the best to me if I can find a roommate.

PM or email me if you want to try to work something out!