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Direct Shipped Gift Orders


Aug 7, 2005
Does anyone know if the receipt sent with direct shipped orders has item prices on it? Is there any way for guests that are purchasing items as gifts and want them shipped directly to have items sent WITHOUT the monetary value receipt? I have had some people comment that they think it is tacky to send the receipt showing the amount the gift was worth...but they don't want to pay for shipping twice (to have it shipped to themselves, remove the receipt, and reship to the intended recipient). Is there any way around this? Have I thoroughly confused everyone? :)

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Legacy Member
May 6, 2005
Actually, orders shipped directly don't include ANY receipt. That's something we, as consultants, need to send to customers receiving direct-shipped orders.

Now, I wonder if this is the same for individual orders purchased directly off our websites. I'm assuming we need to do the same for those orders. I had someone I don't even know order something directly from my website and I guess I need to get a receipt out to them.