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Difficult Situation

Pampered Zoe

Sep 30, 2005
I am having my first party tomorrow (finally!!!) for a good friend of mine. He happens to be married to my recruiter (gulp - fortunately she has been my best friend since we were 9 years old) but wanted to host my first show. Here is the difficulty: The party is being held at his wife's (the other consultant) mom's house. The mom has already hosted two shows in the last 2 months, and attended at least two others. Even though she is not technically the host, she still has to clean the house and get ready and have a whole bunch of people show up and all the stuff that goes along with being the host. I have heard through the gossip grapevine (we live in a VERY small town) that she feels like she was pressured to do this and is only doing it out of a feeling of duty to her daughter and son-in-law.

I feel bad that she is coming into the party feeling like this. :( I believe she will feel better once we are at the party and everyone is having fun, but I would still like to give her some sort of special gift or a thank you of some sort (my firend and her husband too). I know they have access to everything PC, but I still feel like I should be able to find something.

Does anyone have any ideas?


I understand how it can be hard when you find out something like this. What you can do is maybe give a giftcertificate to her favorite salon for a manicure and pedicure to sooth those aching hands and feet. She may be going out of her way, but if she was "pressured" by others to do this, it may be a good way of saying thank you.
If that is out of your budget, take some flowers. Costco has a great deal on beautiful 2 doz roses that last a while.

You can give a certificate to a favorite restaurant as well.

All in all, a nice thank you card shows how much you care.

I hope this helps the brainstorm storming :)

Good luck!


Aug 24, 2005
I would write her a really heartfelt thank you note. Talk about how much it means to you to have her support your effort, how confident you feel going into your first party because she is such an experienced PC host and *definitely* make a point to acknowledge who she is as a person, not just what she's *doing*...whether it's her generous spirit, her gift of hospitality, whatever it is that makes her so special.

If it's possible, you could offer to come and help her clean..."Mary, I really appreciate you letting Mark hold his show at your house. I'd like to come early to help with the last minute picking up and vacuuming before I do my set-up. How does 5:30 work?"