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Different Way to do a fundraiser!


Gold Member
Mar 29, 2006
Have you ever donated your 20% Commission as the Fundraiser amount?
Have you herd of this idea??? My Director turned me on to this. It helps you and the organization or person your donating to. We "work the system". I've done it several times. You write a check to them and then you get to take it as a deduction at Tax Time. Customers can get the Guest Special of the month your turning it in and you can be the host and get all the benefits.

1st thing - Make sure that you choose the closing date of the "show" so you'll get your comission check in time to get them their money.
(Example: They need their money by June 12 - Make sure you turn in the show by May 31st - So you'll get your check by the 8th.)

You can work with the Top 10 items or the whole catalog. Gather orders and enter into PP as a regular kitchen show. I always have the show shipped to me so I can put the orders together.

I do at least 2 of these a year. Helps me to get the prizes I need to handout or something I really want and can't afford right then.


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Feb 15, 2006
That sounds interesting! I've never heard of anyone doing this. Most people I've approached to have a fundraiser are turned off by the small amount donated, so I'm sure even that extra 5% would help. As long as you don't mind bagging up the items-do you deliver too?
It would be a nice way to get some prizes like you mentioned!