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Did i miss something?



Why did PC change the rule that a new consultant only has to have 4 shows or $1250 in sales to qualify, but when you submit their agreement you still have to put in 6 shows before it will accept it?

Lisa S

Nov 14, 2004
They still do that to get the new person to really commit to their new business. If you only pick 4 shows and for some reason don't get any bookings from them, you have nothing to carry you over into your 2nd month. If you plan 6 shows from the start, you can rely on the 1st four in your 1st month and still have shows scheduled for your 2nd.

Does that make any sense? It makes more sense in my head than writing it out for some reason. ;)

Just remember - when they sign their contract they only have to list the 6 show dates... they are not written in stone. They can always change them.
Jun 28, 2005
I still don't quite understand

Why do they make that rule about the 4 shows or $1250 in sales, but it is not written in the contract? Is it just some arbitrary rule? The way I understand it is if you don't submit the 4 shows/$1250 within 30 days (?) then you are kicked out of the program. Has anyone ever taken legal action on this because if it's not in the contract then it's not legally binding. Don't mean to play devil's advocate here, it's just that I almost decided to start in April but I never finished the contract because my husband (the logical, rational one) said "how can they enforce that if it's not in the contract?" And I got to thinking about it... so can they kick you out of the program if you don't do it?




Advanced Member
Feb 3, 2005
You do sign a contract to become a consultant, but it does not say ANYWHERE that you have to do the 4 shows in the first 30 days. Did your Director tell you that? It is BETTER to do it that way so you get plenty of practice and you can earn your Super Starter Bonuses.

I believe you have a year to get qualified. (I have to look it up to be sure.)

As with any job, you need practice to get better. If you only do one show every few months, you might never feel comfortable.


Legacy Member
May 6, 2005
No, there is nothing about having to complete it within 30 days. The best way to earn all the SS bonuses is to do it before the end of your first SS month, but that's not a requirement. Like Ginger said, you have pretty much as much time as you want, but a year may be one guideline. If you start back up after a year, you may need to sign a new agreement.

Even though you sign a Consultant Agreement to get started, it is SO basic and it's just a way to dispense information to you. PC mainly wants you to try it for four shows or $1250 in sales. As it stated before, it used to be 6 shows, so becoming "qualified" is even easier to attain now. And the SS program is even better than it was before. You can always go online and start the Consultant Agreement to see what it says. Or the consultant you're working with can show you a copy of it it if you're curious. Hopefully you're getting the correct information since there is NO 30 day requirement. :)

janel kelly

Advanced Member
Feb 19, 2005
There is a girl in my cluster that must have taken over 6 months to qualify so I know you don't have to within 30 days.


Gold Member
Oct 5, 2004

I was one of those slow starters and I qualified after 4 months with the company (at the time the SS program was 6 months instead of 3 and you needed 6 shows to qualify). There is no rule that says that you have to qualify in 30 days, but if you do, you usually end up with a better start in your business and earn your SS Bonus packs, as well as any additional incentives that are being offered. It is also beneficial for your recruiter, since they earn additional incentive points (and in some cases a special recruiting incentive) if their consultant qualifies in a specified time.

Hope this makes it clear for you!


Jun 6, 2005
There is no time frame to qualify. The qualifying is to get the additional incentives. For example the June contracts who do there 4 shows or have a total of $1,250 by July 31st will receive the special woven Selects for that incentive. Now for the person that recruited you they received when you qualify for June a special set of products valued at more then $60 and 1000 points toward the incentive trip. But only if you qualify. I've had a couple of recruites one never had a show and the other went inactive before she qualified. She then became active and now is going inactive shortly. She is a consultant, will not receive any special incentives from her time and I will not received the 1,000 points even if she does the 4 shows, due to being inactive. Qualifying is just for the incentives or that time period and not anyother. I how I explained that right so you understand it. They will also state to qualify for the Consultant July special you need 2 shows to receive it and explain what a qualifing show is. $150 in sales is a qualifing show. If you don't do it you don't get the free item.

Let me know If I've helped. It's hard. I've worked with my recruites alot and some like the business and take off and some don't take off. I've invested alot of time with my recruites and were ever it goes I is well worth it. I love to help them in anyway. I still keep in touch with the girls that left and think of them as friends.

Good luck and if we can help let us know.