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Pampered Chef: Theme Show Dessert Recipe for Holiday Party

  1. Pampered_Ashley84

    Pampered_Ashley84 Member Gold Member

    I had a guest at my Sunday show book for this coming Sunday, I've never had such a quick turn around. I've only been using the DCB at shows, but she wants a desserts only show. I've looked through several recipes, but I'm wanting something to demo that uses lots of products and is really delicious. Any suggestions?
  2. PamperedChefLayla

    PamperedChefLayla Member Gold Member

    Red Velvet Trifle

    Red Velvet Holiday Trifle

    1 red velvet cake, mixed according to directions

    1 ½ c. chocolate chips

    1 light cream cheese

    3 c. milk

    1 12 oz. carton Cool Whip, thawed

    2 pkgs. instant White Chocolate pudding

    1 c. Hershey’s Nuggets, Dark Chocolate Truffle variety, chopped

    Make the cake according to directions. Add chocolate chips to batter. Pour into Large Bar Pan and bake until JUST done. Do not over bake – 20-30 min. at 350 degrees.
    Whisk milk and pudding mix. Then soften cream cheese in microwave just until smooth and add to pudding mixture.
    Crinkle cut or chop approx. 1 cup small dark chocolate truffle candy bars. If using the Crinkle Cutter, make sure they are very small pieces.
    Fill the Easy Accent Decorator with Cool Whip. Reserve the rest for layers of the trifle.
    Layer- ¼ of pan of cake
    1/3 of pudding mixture
    1/3 cup of chopped candy
    Spread with a layer of Cool Whip
    Repeat two more times finishing with Cool Whip. Now add dollops of cool whip around outside with EAD and add **chocolate trees/stars on top and finish with red and green sprinkles!
    This leaves approx ¼ pan of that cake left over. That is for the cook or family members who keep bugging you for a sample J

    **If you want to create chocolate trees or stars- melt some chocolate chips in a small baggie or fill the decorator bottle with melted chocolate. Press onto parchment and chill and use for finishing touch. I tied a GOLD glitter ribbon and bow around the bowl.
  3. Pampered_Ashley84

    Pampered_Ashley84 Member Gold Member

    Layla, that is perfect! Thank You!
  4. nancycookspc

    nancycookspc Member Gold Member

    I am kinda in the same boat..I ALWAYS want to feature the DCB.

    I wanted to do a trifle-

    SO I did the black forest trifle YUM!!! (recipe on our website)

    What I did was I made it with choc CAKE not the brownie.

    I made a choc cake in the MICRO in 12 min, in the DCB, NO icing just cake.

    THen I turned it out let it cook a bit, and then chunked it up.

    THere will be too much cake for the trifle...SO I pass around a small SA plate for people to sample the micro cake!

    THen I make the trifle.

    SO good...and SO easy.
    Dec 10, 2009
  5. Chef Kearns

    Chef Kearns Legacy Member Gold Member

    Did you sell any DCB by making the cake in it? I'm just curious, not critical!!
    Dec 10, 2009
  6. nancycookspc

    nancycookspc Member Gold Member

    well...I had a show tues, it was a 930am show...did a breakfast recipe. I made the trifle the night before to bring to my show as an extra recipe.(I could have made it home, but then we'd have to eat it...)

    It was an awesome show. 1000K
    I sold 4 trifle bowls and 1 baker.

    I did not even demo the baker- just explained how it was done.

    My show where I will make the trifle is tomorrow. I may not sell as many, because its repeat guests an a lot have the baker from. me

    SO it was a success! without even trying.
    Dec 10, 2009
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