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Demonstration Ideas???

Jun 14, 2007
I wanted to see if I could get some ideas that make product demonstration easy and hassle free. I have heard people talk about the potato for the mandolin, peelers etc.. I would like to know of anyother quick any easy demonstrations.


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Jun 3, 2007
There is a thread somewhere on here where RAE talks about doing a catalog walk through. I think she brings a recipe already made and plays "Have it, Love it..." That is pretty simple because you aren't actually preparing anything at the show, and you aren't messing up the host's kitchen or heating it up in the hot summer.
I make one recipe at the host's home before the demo and maybe do a little decoration on it, and I make one recipe in front of the guests. I try not to do two baking recipes or I at least make the crust ahead at home or ask the host to do it if she has the right product to make it on. For example I cook the crust ahead for "Cool Lime Napoleans" and make the Aloha Pizza in front of guests. While it's baking I make up the Napoleans. The other night I made a trifle at the host's house before the show, and made Rustic Foccacia in front of the guests. While it was baking I decorated the trifle using the Easy Accent Decorator and let the guests talk about their favorite products. My sales have been over $500 at 4 of my 5 shows and one show was $450 ish, but I think the catalog sells a lot of product and so do other guests talking about their favorite products. I could use some help simplifying, too, but I do find that it works best to just do what you're comfortable with. When you're nice and comfortable make some gradual changes. That's my plan, for now, as far as the demonstration.
Hope this helps. By the way, I love, love, love SanAntonio. The Riverwalk downtown is so fun and unique. My parents live way down in south Texas so I visited them on vacation a few times, and two years in a row we drove up to SanAntonio and stayed for a couple nights. I hope to go back eventually.


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Dec 6, 2005
The best advice I can give is to practice. Practice out loud. Practice by talking to your "audience" while you make dinner. Watch the DVD you received and study what they do. Honestly, the more you do it, the more comfortable you'll feel.

Yes, I have a simple walk through the catalog show. However, the traditional cooking show is kind of the standard, and it's probably best if you get comfortable with that first.