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Demo at CURVES

Apr 26, 2005
Has anyone done a show at CURVES?
If so, please send me a contact name and phone number for the facility that hosted the show. There is a new CURVES opening in my city and the manager wants to host a show in the facility. However, she is new to the company and would :confused: like to talk to another CURVES manager about the show.
I know this is a weird request, but she will not set a date until I get her the information.

Wendy Mac


I have never done one, but used to work at a Curves and they wouldnt allow things like that. So hope this one is different and that she looks into it before any trouble. Good Luck and let us know what you come up with.



I've done it. The manager/owner's name is Laura. This is the info:
9325 4th Street North, Saint Petersburg, FL 33702
(727) 577-2477
I made 2 "good for you" recipes. One was the Apple Berry Salsa and the other was the Lemon Crab Canapes. It wasn't a huge show but I didn't do a demo. Because of the nature of the business (people in & out), I had product set up on a table with the food. I was around to answer questions and hand out catalogs/order forms. I didn't get any bookings but it was fun and a way to get my name out there. Good luck and I hope this helps!
Jul 10, 2005
I participated in a "Open House/Customer Appreciation" Day at Curves in December. The owner/manager had reps from The Body Shop, Mary Kay, a Jewelry lady, a purse lady and myself there. I didn't get enough orders for a show but turned in about $100 worth and I got a January booking. I wasn't allowed to bring food as she already planned to have things in the back for the Customer Appreciation. It was a lot of fun and only about 2 hours on a Saturday morning. She said she had a terrific response from the customers and they all enjoyed it. She is planning on having at least one a year and possibly one in the Spring and Fall.


Oct 3, 2005
I haven't actually done a show at the CURVES location. However, my MIL is the owner of one and she hosted a regular show. She had an open invitation to her members and workers. It was a good turn out and I've actually had a few return customers but no shows were booked.
Apr 26, 2005

Thanks to everyone that replied to my thread. I appreciate all of your suggestions and I will let you all know how it turns out.

Wendy :)
Nov 13, 2005
Curves Mini Mall

During December, my local Curves (Enid, OK) hosted a holiday mini mall, with tables from several different vendors. I had already scheduled my holiday open house that day, so I just set up a table with catalogs, a few products, and drawing slips. That way, my booth was "self-sufficient". The only real stipulation on our having a booth was that the Curves staff wouldn't have to do any of the selling for me. The "mall" was open on a Saturday and a Monday. Hope this helps!


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Nov 9, 2005

I have been a Consultant since May,2005. Our Curves Manager allows us to have a display table for one week, every three months. I had my third table just last week. I make a point of changing the display every day, so that I can show as many of our products as possible, without it being a crowded display. Monday I featured Stoneware, Tues. Cookware and the Roast Pan, Wed. Simple Additions, you get the idea. I had a drawing and gave three individuals a Season's Best. (This time only seven folks participated but other times as many as 12 to 15 would fill out the Survey slip like we use at our Shows). When I called to thank folks for filling out the
slips, I told those who had won to pick up their surprise the next time they
worked out, and as it turned out, three folks placed an order out of the 7.
I made a point of being on the premises for about one hour, changing the display, and doing my exercise routine. It gave members a chance to see me there, and talk with me without my being too obnoxious.
My June display and October displays were one month following the displays of another PC Consultant, who I never saw during her set-up, and she apparently did very well for her May show. She left the same items on the card table for the entire week. It's your call. The Manager said she appreciated the extra interest I created with something new each day.
Our Curves had a Christmas Tree with lots of gifts that were donated by members who had had table displays during the year, as well as from local merchants. There were at least 50 gifts that were distributed by a drawing
of names of those who had worked out three times for the two or three weeks before the holiday. We received one "chance" for each week. I donated three Pampered Chef items as a thank you for the three times I had a table.
My June table led to a $700 show. The October table led to a $1,000 show and this week I have a $200 show from a guest at the $1,000 show. I also had two smaller shows that resulted from talking with folks I already knew but had not asked, until we were working out side by side. Those two shows
led to three other shows that helped me survive, and earn my 3rd Starter month Bonus, and all three of the Show to Go pieces.
As you can see, I cannot say enough for the benefit of being a Curves
member. I have also lost close to 45 pounds since becoming a Curves member, and that was despite being a Consultant and being around food. I made a point to prepare as many healthy recipes as possible.
I attend the Palmyra,NY Curves, and our Manager is Cindy Thomson,

Grandma Rita, Palmyra, New York
See my website: www.pamperedchef.biz/grandmarita