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Deep Dish Bowl?

Apr 5, 2005
I have had at least 5 people in the last few days ask about the Deep Dish Bowl...I know my mother has one, and also a friend who wanted one as a gift..what happened to it? Is there a reason they're no longer carrying it??


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Feb 3, 2005
Pampered Chef discontinues products every time they have a new catalog. If they didn't the catalog would be the size of a JCPenny's catalog.


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Apr 13, 2004
Baking Bowl

One of the main reasons The Pampered Chef discontinues a product is that, just like J.C. Penny or any other product outlet, it has everything to do with demand. If the product is not selling to standards they have set, it goes away. It is simple marketing. All "warehouses" pay taxes on stored items or their inventory. So if they have too much inventory their taxes go up. Therefore something that is not selling and sitting in their warehouse is a liability and costing them money instead of making them money. Why would you want to stock a product that is not selling as well as you had hoped it would and pay taxes on the inventory? You wouldn't. You would not keep it on your shelves. Therefore you no longer have it available when someone does want it. That is one of the reasons as a consultant, I always mention that if there is something a customer really, really wants, they should try to pick it up now while it is available. A good point to bring up is that "In September we are planning on introducing $500.00 worth of new products. We also know based on past "change overs" that we might loose several products from our lines and we never know what those products might be. So if there is something you are interested in, I would suggest purchasing it or booking a show and getting it FREE before the new catalog comes out. This way you get it now in case it is gone in the Fall." It is not a lie. We never do know what MAY dissappear. Nothing might but we don't even know that. The same holds true for the mid-season products. So remember it is a matter of supply and demand. No demand, no supply. Oh, and if you you want, contact New Products and let them know that people are asking you about the bowl. You never how many other "voices" are out there asking the same question.
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Same Problem Different object

I've had people order items that are'nt available until until June 1st. They get very angry at me and I have no control over it. kathieb :(
Apr 5, 2005
I've set up a different show entirely for the "pre-orders" so they're able to pay for it then and I told them that they would be sent in on June 1st and they'd get their products soon after. :)