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Deep Dish Baker LId


Novice Member
Sep 23, 2005
Can anyone tell me if this lid will fit the pie plate also? I have a customer who wants it just to cover her pies when she is taking them somewhere. Will it fit?
Sep 20, 2005
i don't know...I am waiting for mine to come in, but I do know that someone else had posted that it would cover the stoneware fluted pan and they use it all the time for that...I don't know if you can compare the sizes of the two or not???

Sorry I'm not much help!


I tried it...

No, it doesn't cover the deep dish pie pan as a lid. The top is a bit bigger. If the customer is looking for a tight fitting lid, this isn't it. If she's just looking for something to cover the pie and keep things off of it, it might work for her.