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Pampered Chef: Deep Covered Baker lid not fitting right??

  1. meganmcg

    meganmcg Member

    A guest just received her DCB and she said that the lid doesn't sit flush and rocks around on the base. I haven't noticed mine doing that and was wondering if anyone else has had this problem? I've already had 4 damaged items from this order :( (not the one guest, the total show!)
    Nov 4, 2009
  2. Kelly8

    Kelly8 Advanced Member

    I have not noticed that with mine or any others I have seen. I would call the company ASAP and let them know. That could be dangerous getting it in and out of the microwave hot.
    Nov 4, 2009
  3. Maragib

    Maragib Member

    I have had a few ordered lately and they all have done this - some worse than others. I think they are making them differently than the originals because my old one broke and I got a new one and it looks bigger and the top slightly shifts. But if it moves around enough to make the guest uncomfortable or unhappy with it, adjust it. I had a guest who could push the lid to one side of the baker and see all the way to the bottom of it!
    Nov 4, 2009
  4. pampchefsarah

    pampchefsarah Senior Member Gold Member

    My lid is small, too, but it doesn't affect the efficiency of the DCB, and I use it ALOT!! (actually thinking of buying a second one)
  5. colegrovet

    colegrovet Veteran Member Gold Member

    mine rocks a little.. but not enough to worry about..
    Nov 4, 2009
  6. AmyDare

    AmyDare Member

    Mine rocks about a bit, but I can tell you, it's still holding in all the steam--I got burned last night when I didn't open it "carefully and away from yourself".
    Nov 4, 2009
  7. meganmcg

    meganmcg Member

    I'm going to go look at it Saturday and then maybe call HO. Why would they change something that is perfect in the first place :) Thanks for your input!
    Nov 5, 2009
  8. Pedey

    Pedey Member

    I had a guest order one (my aunt) and her lid fit so poorly that when she made the Grilled Chicken Penne al Fresco the exploding tomatoes got all over the inside of her microwave! I did an adjustment (in the first 30 days) and they sent a new one directly to her - no return (or piece) necessary!
    Nov 5, 2009
  9. Jillb

    Jillb Gold Member

    This happen to me the other week. Lid did not fit and would rock. I contacted PC - and they sent one out the next day! I think this must be a new but common issue. They must have had a bad batch of lids.
    Nov 5, 2009
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