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Decorating stainless bowls like a cake


Dec 14, 2005
I didn't actually see the pics, so I am not sure what all was done to make the stainless bowl set look like a wedding cake. I have a decorating turntable I am putting them on, and I have flowers and tulle. Anyone have the actual pics of how it was done? Thanks.


Stainless Bowls Cake

I haven't seen it done, but I can picture how it could be done.

Stack bowls with lids on - biggest bowl on bottom and smallest on top.

Create a large bow with ribbon to place on top. Drape ribbons down from top to bottom (probably 3-4 thick ribbons). There should be room on the lids of the largest and second largest bowls for arranging flowers. You could add splashes of tooling here and there for added effect.

Does that help?


bridal picture

I checked out the above link.....nothing came up......no picture. Can you resend that? I have a consultant doing a Retail Fair this month and I'd like to show her the picture. THANKS!