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Bookings Declined Credit Card!

Jun 5, 2009
I closed a show last night, the 15th, and one of the credit cards declined. It was a semi-big show and I know yesterday midnight was the due date to get paid. Does this mean that this show will roll over for the 30th? I will call home home office first thing in the morning but I just want to hear other people's thoughts.



Jul 6, 2006
I think they give you a grace period of a couple days to get it resolved and still get paid on time. Just do it quickly.


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Jun 25, 2007
I had one too for a show I put in last night. They are only giving me until 4:30 CST today! Hopefully, I'll get it resolved.

It should tell you in the email what day and time.
Jun 22, 2009
I had the same problem and i called 1 800 nuber to pampered chef and they said you can link a debit card from them to a bank account that you already have for pampered chef. It is an opition in consultant corner just have to know routing nuber and bank account nuber like you would see if on a check. And they do direct depoist that way too. Good luck!!!