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December Host Special

Aug 18, 2005
Has anyone heard what the December Host and Guest specials are yet???? :confused: I'd like to start and use them for bookings.


Advanced Member
Nov 24, 2004
Fill your calendar

You already have all the shows you need for Oct & Nov? Don't give your guests too far out information. It gives them a reason to procrastinate. Talk to them about November and getting Christmas shopping done early, allowing the opportunity for friends/family to get theirs done early, and her having a bigger free shopping spree because guests haven't already started spending their money for Christmas elsewhere.

December specials will be shared with you the first of the month. If you must try to talk about December, tell guests that Pampered Chef always offers phenomenal specials approaching the holidays. Because you will only be working "x" weeks in the month of December, your calendar will fill quickly. Let's go ahead and get a date on the calendar now. They do not need to know what the special is to know it's an excellent time to host a show.


Apr 22, 2005
Is December the month that we can earn the Spring products for free? I don't know if PC changes that up every year to keep you guessing, but I seem to recall that last year this was the case (I don't have anything to back that up except aging memory).

Anyway, I've been wondering about that and if I should start concentrating on December b/c of the "short" month with getting orders in for holidays?


Jul 6, 2005
I have tried to book

December as well , holliday shopping party , cookie exchanges, ect. I dint consintrate on December last year it was our month to earn the new products. I had a awful month!Everyone I asked said no to close to the holidays , work christmas partys ect. I got all the excuses ! So this year I am not going to make the same mistake !! I am going to try to fill my calender !! If you have a full December that will take you into a Great start for the new year !! :)