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Dead End!

Aug 15, 2005
I am half way through my SS2 and feel I have hit a wall. The last 2 shows I did I couldn't get a booking to save my life. Now here I am at the starting point again with no shows coming up. I don't have anyone left (not even on my 100 list) that I can contact. I have tried to find out when there are fairs, shows, etc and am having no luck. I feel like maybe I should give up but this is something I desparately wanted to work. I wanted to be very successful in this but I am starting to feel like it was a mistake. I feel like this is what I am suppose to be doing and I love being at shows and talking with people about the products and the benefits that PC offers--I am just not getting anywhere doing it. What am I doing wrong? HELP!


You can try schools and churches. See if any are still doing a fall festival or a christmas bazaar. Have a yard sale. I see many hosts on here who set up a table at their yard sale and do very well. I might try it sometime.

Go door to door and invite your neighbors to a holiday open house. Hold it in November to get the gifts in on time.

Hang in there, it will come around. Last year I was stuck in Dec and Jan but I asked one friend to hold a show in Feb. and that is the longest running chain of bookings so far.

good luck :)