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Cute Valentines Idea to share!


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Sep 7, 2005
I got this idea from the Lemonade lady: Thought it was a cute idea for all who have a valentines day show!

I came across Valentines Conversation Hearts that are
in small cellophane packages, rather than boxes (the
kind kids give out at school or loosely packaged in
bags.) They are the Necco brand Sweethearts.

Here's how you can use them
effectively in your presentation: Hand a package to
each guest. Invite them to share the message
written on the hearts and then relate it to your
business. Here?s how to do a TWIST on these

* My love: My love is my family; that?s
why I have my own business

* Page Me: When you want to increase
your pay check

* #1 Fan: If you?re a great fan of our
product, you?ll want to join our team!

* New Love: A new business!

* Let?s KISS: Let?s Keep it Short and
Simple ? for every party you hold, you?ll earn
approximately $ ____

* Call Me: When you want to make more

* E-Mail: When you get too many bills in
your mail box!

* All Mine: All the products you see here
are ALL MINE, and they came in my kit, which was
only $_____.

On an individual basis, when you
meet someone who is the kind of person you want to
HIGHER, simply hand her a package with a note
attached that says, ?Can we have a heart-to-heart
conversation about beginning a business with
_______ (name of your company)?? Obviously, you?ll
want to follow through with a personal verbal
invitation as well.

You will see other brands of candy
with heart-full messages printed. You can use them
in the same manner. Remember, you can use this
Valentine concept throughout the year, not just in
February. Just as you can use ideas from Halloween,
Easter, and so on at any time. :)


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Sep 7, 2005
I forgot I posted this last year.... Bumping this up for V-day to anyone intersted!


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Feb 20, 2006
Thanks for sharings

These are great.

I have been working on some homemade valentines for Lucy's school and now I am going to type in this stuff and hand out at my shows.

Thanks again.