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Customer Service phone



What is the average time that you've spent on the phone on hold with the new "customer service"? I called last night and gave up after about 8 minutes. So far, I'm at 11 minutes today and still holding. I know that they'd prefer to have us use the website but this is ridiculous! I'm just glad I'm calling for my customer - I wouldn't want them to have to hold for this long. I thought that waiting until the middle of the month would be better but maybe not..... Anyone have any ideas on this?

I was holding for 13 minutes before anyone answered. She was very nice and tried to be helpful but I knew (even before calling) that there wasn't much HO would be able to do for me - if anything. Guess I was just venting!
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Aug 11, 2005
24 minutes and 56 sec

The time I spent on hold last night was 24 min and 56 sec. I had decided that when it hit 25 minutes I was haning up. I called at 7pm central time. Luckly I have speaker phone and was able to do other things while waiting but I can 't imagine that this is very cost efficent for them if it is taking them that long to answer the calls.


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Feb 14, 2005
Wow!! I have never ever had that much trouble with waiting before. I think the max time I have ever had to wait is 2 minutes. Most of the time the rep picks up the phone immediately. Is this the new 800 number you all are calling? Just wonder if that is making the difference. Sorry you all have had to wait so long. That is super frustrating.


I had to wait 15 min the other night before hanging up. Needless to say I didnt get my questions answered and havent had a chance to pickup the phone since to wait that long on the other end.


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Jun 14, 2005
I waited 12 minutes... then I had to leave the house, so I called back on my cell and waited another 13 minutes. Luckely they were very nice and able to answer my question right away. I have called since and gotten through in less than 3 minutes


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Oct 11, 2005
Wow! You're a lot more patient than me. Maybe its a Northeast thing! I waited about two minutes and hung up. I just thought something wasn't right. It never occurred to me that they would keep ME waiting that long. LOL :rolleyes: Just kidding!! So, I called back and they picked up quickly. I think total time on the phone was 5 minutes. They most have known it was me that time!