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Customer Discounts

Jun 28, 2005
Hello all,

What are the company policies as far as giving discounts to customers? Can you give coupons like "book a show with me today and get 10% off your order of $50 or more"? Do discounts cut into your commission too much? Or if you offer a specific product at a discount like this "dollar a day stoneware" mentioned, how do you give the customer the discounted price? Do you order it at your consultant discount (how much is the consultant discount??) or do you enter it in the software at the dicounted price? :confused:

Can you also bundle similar products and then offer a small discount? like "buy these stoneware pieces as a set and get 10% off"?

Does giving discounts increase your sales?




Jun 6, 2005
Hi Anne,

I've done discounts in the past and will do them when I need to increase sales for a month. It can be costly but also rewarding.

I do a show/catalog show set up and take the orders and they go in for the full price then I do a consultant gift for the amount of the discount on the payment order portion of there order. I do the discount before tax and shipping so you don't discount on those.

If you do it on your consultant personal orders it is your commission rate so if you are at 20% thats the discount. But none of the sales goes to you for commision or incentive points.

When I adjust a customers order/payment portion you get credit for the total sale and get the commission on it and you are the host so you get the $$ to spend and get the products you may want. I did this with the pan incentive in the winter and what I spent I received back with a few pans and had over a $1,000 show and still earned a commission.

Hope this makes sense. Let me know and I can go over it more.
good luck :)


Apr 22, 2005
If you give any discounts or promotions other than what is offered for the "Guest" or "Host" Specials, it is out of pocket. The Stoneware promotions listed on this site are promotions that other Consultants have used to try and get mor bookings, but they pay for the difference between what the "Cost" is and what the "Customer pays. Hope that helped even a little bit. :) :) :)
Jun 28, 2005


Thanks for the info.

That's cool you live in Scranton, I've been there a few times. I was born and raised in NJ and I lived in Morris Co for a while.. we used to go over to The Crossings outlet mall.

AC :)

janel kelly

Advanced Member
Feb 19, 2005
I have looked on PP but can't figure out how to put something in as a "consultant gift". How do you do this on PP?


Legacy Member
May 6, 2005
When you are on a guest's screen from a show, go under "Payment Info" and you'll see a drop down menu for payment method. The last option is for a consultant gift. Then when you do the remainder of their payment method, you have to click add before doing it again, but choosing another method.