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Customer Care Calls from a year ago

Jan 31, 2006

Last year was my first year selling PC and I hardly did customer care calls. I didn't think it was necessary. Boy, was I wrong! For 2006, this is now a goal of mine and certain days I do better than others.

Does anyone have a suggestion for how to call people from a many months ago to a year? I want to reconnect with them to make sure they are happy with their products and to get bookings for May and June.



Mar 10, 2005
I started out this year doing exactly that. I said something like, "Hi Sally. This is Amy with the Pampered Chef, we met last June at Kim's party. I'm trying to give my business a boost this year by contacting all of my past customers and checking to make sure they are enjoying their Pampered Chef products."

You get the idea. From that I ask about booking a show and just close by letting them know to contact me if they need anything. Each call takes maybe 5 minutes at the most.


Mar 27, 2005
What I use for the excuse to call when it's been a few months or more is to remind them of the 1 year guarentee. And people love it when you call to see if there items are out of the box.

I usually start the call with "Hi This is Tina Reese with the Pampered Chef. Is this a good time? I'm calling to make sure you have taken your items from Nancy show out of the box. (Then a little conversation about how much they love the products or I give them ideas on new ways to use the products) I would also like to take this opportunity to remind you of the 1 year guarentee on the products you bought. So if there is any problems you can exchange it or get a refund for one year after you buy it.

Then I ask them if they would be interested in hearing the upcoming specials. And then go through them.
Then I ask if they are interested in any of those.
If not I ask if they would like me to call them in a few months with the new specials.
Sometimes I also ask if they would like an updated catalog (Especially if the show they were at was the last season.) Then get their address and info. Then you can follow up in a few weeks to ask if they got the catalog and if they had any questions.

I have had some success doing it this way!