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Credit card failed

Mar 6, 2006
Can someone tell me if a customers credit card fails does it put the whole order on hold or just that persons? And what happens to the host rewards? I know somebody here can help i'm to impatience to wait until morning to find out! :confused:


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May 6, 2005
The whole show gets put on hold. As long as it's resolved by the date they tell you, your commission and any incentives that you were working on if it happens near an deadline shouldn't be affected. The host's benefits don't change and nothing gets affected other than the show taking longer to be processed and ultimately ship. So try to get in touch with that customer and confirm you ahd the right number and maybe he/she can give you a different cc number.
Mar 6, 2006
Thank you, this site is so nice especially when you want answers right away!


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Nov 4, 2005
Both times that I have had a credit card bounce, it has always been something technical. First time was someone who had a previous cc stolen, and her card vendor just automatically blocked any transaction that was other than a traditional merchant with a terminal. It was resoved in minutes. The second time was someone with a new card that forgot to call the 800 number to have it activated.

Both shows shipped the day the card issue was resolved. I hope yours is as simple!