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Pampered Chef: Rant Credit card companies stink!

  1. esavvymom

    esavvymom Legend Member Staff Member

    I'm so irritated right now. I've been a great customer- pay my bill on time - usually pay the FULL BALANCE every month (even BIG ones!)...we use our credit card for convenience on big purchases/internet/travel, etc...not because we don't have the $$ to buy something. I'm a couple days late maybe 1-2 times a year! Used to, you just got socked with the late fee (which was high!) and that was it.

    Now they've taken to stalking! I missed the payment due date last week because I was traveling to/from National Conference. I had intended to drop the bill when we were gone- I took bills to write out that I ran out of time to do before we left (we drove). I was going to put them in the mail at my mom's (she lives half-way between me and Chicago). Well, I had forgotten my checkbook!! So I figured, oh well, I'll just have to eat the late charge and pay it when I got home! Now they won't stop calling and it's just a week past due. And they make you go through the automated call thing and the first time I hung up on it. Then I got it again that day, so I listened. They make you "promise" to pay within 5 days.

    The full balance is in the mail. The whole dang thing and then it's going to get cut up! I'll use my other card- they at least treat you like a loyal customer! I'll cash out my 4-airline tickets and cancel the thing- and I'll be sure they know why.

    Times are tough- I realize that, but I am not one of those folks who doesn't pay their bill every month. Just makes me mad.

    Sorry- had to vent....4 days in a row was my limit! :mad:

    I'll get the last 'laugh' when I cancel the card and they ask me why. :cool:
    Jul 31, 2009
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