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Craft fair/flea market update


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Jul 23, 2005
ok so i did the fair this weekend. it went ok i guess. i know on my part i couldve done alot better. It started friday night and i got 4 names for the free kitchen show drawing. i was pleased with that. on saturday i was so blasted tired that i couldnt hardly stand myself. (I have so much going on that i havent slept well in at least a week). Even though i spoke to everyone that passed by i only got 3 more names for the drawing. BUT i got one very good recruit lead. she lives in tennessee and had mentioned she was thinking of doing tubberware but thinks she would like to do this more...so i will be calling her later today. i have never had to do an interview or anything like this...not sure what to do :eek: she was really excited about this. i think the best thing about the names i got was that none of them are in the same city. they range from 30 min. to 2 hours away and i dont know ANY of them!!! so hopefully after tonight when i make my calls i will have a totally new circle of people!! i will more than likely start doing this every month or every other month. i also had several people ask for catalogs and order forms. one ladies house burnt down and she wants to re-stock her kitchen. she is going to mail her order to me since i wasnt there yesterday. i told her if she ordered 150-200 dollars worth of stuff i would make it a catalog show so she could get some free stuff. so it turned decent but i know on my part i wasnt as motivated and excited as i should have been. i will also be doing the sweet potato festival next month on the 5th so maybe that will get some stuff going to!! thanks for all the advice, tips and flyers...you guys rock!!