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Couple shows?

Feb 12, 2006
I am interested in getting my host to host a couples show because i hear it really boosts sales...does anyone have any ideas on what to do at these parties?


Veteran Member
Feb 17, 2006
If you do a files search you will find a ton of stuff, like an Amazing Race show. Sorry, don't have any other things on the top of my head right now.


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Gold Member
Jan 19, 2006
I don't do anything different, except pick-on the men (Find at least one who can take it. . .I do the same thing with all-women shows). You'll probably find that men ask more questions (usually of a technical variety -- but don't be scared). Your sales will likely be good. Just make sure the invites get addressed to Jane & John Doe.


Novice Member
Jan 11, 2006
You have to start off the show with this game--Give out slips of paper to all your guests. Tell the men to write down how much the WANT thier wives to spend (not how much they think they'll spend), and ask the women to write down how much they think they're husbands WANT them to spend. Guys don't want to appear cheap in from of other husbands so they usually write much larger amounts than thier wives would have guessed. I give a cheap prize to the 'biggest spender'. At the end of the show I have all the guests write down a pampered chef tool on a piece of paper and put them in my small batter bowl. I take volunteers for two couples to play a showdown game against each other for a prize. My rules are you can act out using the tool or use words as long as you never say the name of the tool. One spouse has to get the other spouse to guess what tool they're talking about. I give each couple 1 minute to do as many words as they can, and whoever gets the most words wins. Hope this helps! (the last time I did this show I had a $1000+ night!)